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Renting has become a popular option for modern living. NetMovers offers a wide range of rentals to match your criteria.

NetMovers are not restricted to one agent. We feature thousands of rental properties from various agents, landlords and vendors. Therefore, we can show the full picture of what is available for your money.

We offer an innovative and modern site with useful information to help you stay ahead of the fast paced rental market. Whatever you want from a rental property, with NetMovers you can find a rental to suit your needs.

Property to rent by region

RegionNo. of propertiesAvg. price
London186,013£3,074 pcm
Central London24,215£4,105 pcm
East London14,775£1,765 pcm
North London35,115£3,023 pcm
North West London28,020£3,226 pcm
South East London18,722£1,992 pcm
South West London28,125£3,742 pcm
West London37,041£3,665 pcm
South East England22,455£1,256 pcm
Berkshire1,196£1,942 pcm
Buckinghamshire1,185£1,290 pcm
East Sussex1,313£938 pcm
Hampshire2,217£1,059 pcm
Isle Of Wight280£651 pcm
Kent3,547£965 pcm
Middlesex4,494£1,418 pcm
Oxfordshire918£1,325 pcm
Surrey5,995£1,957 pcm
West Sussex1,310£1,015 pcm
South West England6,245£802 pcm
Avon296£700 pcm
Cornwall1,084£706 pcm
Devon1,550£682 pcm
Dorset946£928 pcm
Gloucestershire945£862 pcm
Somerset1,016£761 pcm
Wiltshire408£978 pcm
East of England8,042£1,003 pcm
Bedfordshire195£946 pcm
Cambridgeshire415£733 pcm
Essex3,877£1,210 pcm
Hertfordshire2,211£1,462 pcm
Norfolk588£829 pcm
Suffolk756£840 pcm
East Midlands3,122£687 pcm
Derbyshire870£654 pcm
Leicestershire514£768 pcm
Lincolnshire565£630 pcm
Northamptonshire535£668 pcm
Nottinghamshire574£588 pcm
Rutland64£812 pcm
West Midlands4,268£676 pcm
Herefordshire130£723 pcm
Shropshire553£588 pcm
Staffordshire836£623 pcm
Warwickshire610£870 pcm
West Midlands1,752£587 pcm
Worcestershire387£667 pcm
Yorkshire and the Humber5,220£523 pcm
North Humberside429£551 pcm
South Humberside571£528 pcm
South Yorkshire1,315£467 pcm
West Yorkshire2,905£544 pcm
North East England5,782£554 pcm
Cleveland1,175£471 pcm
County Durham1,509£447 pcm
North Yorkshire843£758 pcm
Northumberland919£554 pcm
Tyne And Wear1,336£537 pcm
North West England6,301£736 pcm
Cheshire1,701£1,249 pcm
Cumbria353£590 pcm
Lancashire2,826£579 pcm
Merseyside1,421£527 pcm
Wales4,503£569 pcm
Clwyd469£590 pcm
Dyfed935£546 pcm
Gwent803£602 pcm
Gwynedd357£599 pcm
Mid Glamorgan917£535 pcm
Powys149£487 pcm
South Glamorgan233£710 pcm
West Glamorgan640£484 pcm
Scotland2,281£603 pcm
Aberdeenshire48£976 pcm
Angus106£515 pcm
Argyll6£541 pcm
Ayrshire228£493 pcm
Banffshire11£469 pcm
Berwickshire37£611 pcm
Caithness14£943 pcm
Clackmannanshire42£517 pcm
Dumfriesshire35£474 pcm
Dunbartonshire24£510 pcm
East Lothian52£830 pcm
Fife271£835 pcm
Inverness-shire5£639 pcm
Isle Of Lewis0£0 pcm
Isle Of Skye0£0 pcm
Kincardineshire14£1,523 pcm
Kirkcudbrightshire16£566 pcm
Lanarkshire339£472 pcm
Midlothian97£785 pcm
Morayshire32£517 pcm
Peeblesshire10£553 pcm
Perthshire72£703 pcm
Renfrewshire483£462 pcm
Ross-shire5£697 pcm
Roxburghshire25£527 pcm
Selkirkshire14£680 pcm
Stirlingshire36£507 pcm
Sutherland4£525 pcm
West Lothian241£706 pcm
Wigtownshire14£521 pcm
Northern Ireland119£445 pcm
County Antrim28£535 pcm
County Armagh29£408 pcm
County Down29£443 pcm
County Fermanagh20£401 pcm
County Londonderry10£446 pcm
County Tyrone3£435 pcm
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