Flor De Vida, Murcia, Spain

£89,295 - 3 bedroom park home for sale

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Property Reference: 60611324
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Our position on Flor de Vida We are fortunate enough to have a fairly sizeable piece of land which is rented annually from the landowner. Our casa stands on terracotta slabs measuring 52 x 72 feet. The slabbed area leads down to a garden area, some of which is still in its natural wild state, shrubs, lavender, gorse, which looks across green fields and out to the low mountain range. We have planted out some of the garden, having a cactus area, a perennial garden with flowers and shrubs, and the favourite of the Spanish – a Datura tree, along with roses, geraniums, and two vibrant palm trees standing proud. There is also a fountain in the natural area, along with two upright bird feeders and plant holders. On the patio area (and included in the sale) we have a glass topped table with six chairs for outside eating, each chair having its own seat pad, a canopied swing with cushions that seats three and where we sit and gently swing in the sunshine, a smaller table with four chairs and two side tables, and lots of coloured pots to add colour to the outside area. We also have five sun loungers, all with cushions, and two B&Q-type storage boxes. There is also a similar storage box for garden tools, and a fixed rotary dryer to the side of the casa. During the time we have lived at Flor de Vida we have had barbecues in our garden for thirty or more residents and to this end we have a beautiful decorative stone preparation and storage unit comprising shelving, preparation surface and sink. There are electric points and a gas ring cooker too, so no excuse for not enjoying the outdoor life here! At the rear of the casa is a shed which houses a washing machine and chest freezer, each only two years old. The shed is a good size and is made up of the shed itself and two extensions and there’s plenty of room for what Marion calls ‘man things’ – tools, ladders etc. The Veranda From the tiled patio area steps lead up to the veranda, which measures approximately 20 x 8 ft. This has four sets of strong weatherproof, patterned canvas blinds with window panels inset, each of which can be operated within their enclosed framework, to open up the veranda, or be anchored down to shield from the sunshine. Each of the windows has a set of curtains, so that the veranda takes on the appearance of another room with red and terracotta carpet squares. Veranda furniture includes a dining table and six chairs, each chair with gold coloured cushions, bench type table with shelving, small chest of drawers, small round table and a typical Spanish bureau with wicker drawers and tiled top in which are stored every item of picnic paraphernalia: glassware, plates, bowls, cutlery, serving bowls etc. There is a ceiling light/fan with four speeds and a floor fan for those long summer days. From the veranda you can enter the house by one of two ways: either into the large kitchen or direct into the lounge. We will take you into the kitchen first, via the glass sliding door. The Kitchen Single park home units generally have a relatively small kitchen, or a kitchen area off the lounge, but you will be surprised when we tell you that the kitchen/diner measures approximately 13 x 11ft. Opposite the door we have a dining table that extends to seating for six people and the floor here has a huge red carpet square. Decorating the dining area there are two tall Egyptian-style floor vases with matching stems that stand next to the cupboard that houses the gas boiler and shelving for storage. Extending from the cupboard around the kitchen area are marble-style worktops, incorporating ceramic hob with four ‘rings’, drainer and sink. Under and above the worktops are cupboards that house everything you need in a kitchen. There is no oven; instead we have two portable halogen ovens that are more economical and prepare food more speedily. We find them far more efficient than the conventional cooker where you have to heat up a space far larger than required for the amount of food being cooked, and there’s no bending down and lengthy cleaning. Of course, these are included in the sale price, as is the microwave, upright fridge/freezer and second fridge The Lounge From the kitchen we enter the lounge via two sliding glass doors. Here again, the lounge is a very good size, measuring approximately 13.6 x 14.5 ft. As can be seen, it is a square room and the design makes it very easy to position furniture. Here we have a deep crimson, four seater settee with cushions that sits against the wall under the large window that looks out onto the unspoilt land of Flor de Vida, then curves along the second wall, finishing at the sliding double glass doors that lead out onto the veranda. Above that part of the settee is a long wooden framed mirror. The settee extends out so that you can either put your legs up and relax, or use it as a bed settee for that extra visitor. Next to the settee is a matching chair that also comes up at the front and down at the back, so that you can have a snooze! Along the third wall we have a long sideboard with two drawers and cupboards and then we come to the double sliding doors from the kitchen. Next to those doors is a wood-look floor vase with matching stems and one of the two radiators in this room. In the corner we have a bronzed shelved unit. Along the fourth wall is a long, low wall unit – excellent for storage – which has eight drawers and two cupboards. It’s a very modern unit and has lots of room for those special belongings such as photo frames and, in our case, mementoes of Águilas’ famous Carnaval that takes place each February. Taking centre place on the unit is the 37” LG television on which we watch Sky and Spanish programmes, which we are including in the sale. To balance the ambience, there is then a further corner unit. Above the main unit, attached to the wall, there are three display boxes, a feature we saw when we visited the manufacturers to give them our specifications. They’re a really good feature and often a talking point. Covering most of the floor area is a large beige and gold shaded carpet square on which sits a cantilever glass topped coffee table with two full drawers and shelving. The glass top extends up and out for easier access if required. All windows and the sliding doors have gold floor to ceiling curtains with voile nets to match. We go back out of the lounge into the dining area and turn right into the hallway. The Main Bedroom The main bedroom is very large when compared with other park homes. It measures approximately 13 ft x 14 ft and has a dressing area with a double floor to ceiling wardrobe with shelves, hanging rail and drawers. This wardrobe, and the two further double wardrobes in this bedroom, have mirrored sliding doors, as can be seen in the photographs. Here we have a king size bed with a bedside table and an elegant padded cushion chair either side. Again, we have wall lights for reading. On the wall facing the foot of the bed there is a television that is wired into the Sky system, DVD player and a large mirror below which is a double vanity unit, and at each side of the bed is a cream long haired rug. There is also a third rug in the dressing area and a radiator. There is also an air conditioning/hot air unit above the door that leads to the en suite bathroom. The En Suite Bathroom There is a large en suite bathroom leading off the main bedroom comprising hand basin,toilet, bidet and shower cubicle, vanity unit with mirror above, shelf for toiletries, heated towel rail and radiator.There is also a hair drier, separately switched over mirror light and mains socket. A cupboard with shelves for bed linen, towels etc runs from floor to ceiling adjacent to the shower. The powerful extractor fan is operated via the main ceiling light switch. The Double Bedroom This bedroom, measuring approximately 10ft x 10ft, has a double bed and floor to ceiling double wardrobes with shelving, drawers and hanging rails. Each of the bedside tables has a drawer and shelf and there are two wall lights for reading. At each side of the bed there is a terracotta coloured carpet runner covering the wooden floor. The Twin Bedroom Although the smallest of the three bedrooms, this measures approximately 8.5ft x 10.5ft, plenty large enough for the two single beds and a central bedside table. Each bed has a reading light above it. The room has a double floor to ceiling wardrobe that has drawers and shelves as well as hanging rails, and in this room we also have a desk top computer and printer in a specially made cabinet. Again, the window is curtained and the blue bedspreads match the carpet square between the beds. This room is ideal for visiting grandchildren! In the hallway to the bedrooms and bathroom there is a floor to ceiling double storage cupboard with shelving and drawers, and also a radiator. The Guest Bathroom At the end of the hall we have the guest bathroom measuring approximately 7ft x 6ft where there is a shower, toilet and vanity unit that has cupboards, drawers and mirror above. There is a small radiator in this bathroom, together with a towel rail above which is a shelf for toiletries and a hair dryer holder. Adjacent to the shelf above the large window is an extractor fan unit. The Shed The shed houses the washing machine plus an additional chest freezer. We cannot get the"workmate" nor all the tools and countless other "gizmos" one would find in a shed in our motorhome so they will all be staying too. There is a PIR activating two external wall lights as you approach the gate lighting your way. The gate also has a magnetic contact fitted which activates a buzzer within the house for prior notice of visitors.


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